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Winnipeg Motor Express specializes in providing cost effective and reliable transportation, local distribution and warehousing solutions designed to meet the needs of its dynamic customer base.

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Winnipeg Motor Express offers an open door, family atmosphere where everyone works alongside with everyone else. We always conduct ourselves in a positive manner allowing for a very positive atmosphere. We hope to hear from you!

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Mentor Program

Learn from experienced driver with years of experience

Winnipeg Motor Express has the option of a Mentor Program. The Mentor Program is set up to have experienced, veteran drivers mentor newly-hired drivers to help shape their driving skills and allow for hands-on learning. The Mind Share Program also allows veteran drivers the ability to share past experiences and show new drivers what can be expected in the trucking industry.

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      • Family atmosphere
      • Positive enviroment
      • Company bonus plans
      • Helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff

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