Dry Van Services

At Winnipeg Motor Express, we travel hundreds of thousands of miles every day to deliver freight throughout North America. What's more impressive is the distance we go to provide safe and reliable service with a personal touch. As one of Canada's leading transportation companies, we have the capacity required to meet your demands all year round. Our unparalleled commitment to safety and unsurpassed commitment to total quality management will leave you convinced that your freight is in excellent hands. With Winnipeg Motor Express, we truly believe in working your way, all the way.


We employ the most sophisticated technologies available to the transportation industry. Our use of high performance Dell servers and Shaw Tracking communication devices gives us a cut above competition. From highly developed communications and GPS equipment, to high-tech transportation and data management solutions, we have spent millions to ensure our technology is second to none. Use our investments to your benefit by choosing Winnipeg Motor Express as your exclusive transportation service provider.

Winnipeg Motor Express truck